Customer Enquiry

Customer Enquiry

Vintage Trailer Restoration

The Restoration and Modernization Process

Our Restoration / Modernization Process:  How Do You Begin? Please give us a call or send us an email to begin the process, or if you are in Montana, come in and meet with us. We will have a conversation about your needs and end goals, your time frame, if you already have a trailer or need our assistance in finding one for the restoration /modernization project, how you will need the space customized to fit your specific requirements, discussion of possible vintages/sizes of trailers, and much more. If you do need assistance in finding a trailer, we can show you units that we may have available or if not, reach out to our many sources to find the perfect trailer for your project.

If you decide to proceed with a project, and you have a trailer, we can first begin to develop an initial layout. Once the layout is agreed on, we can begin to develop a preliminary budget. You can expect a lot of questions from us along the way. Usually, we like to have an initial meeting with you at the shop with your trailer there. We realize that is not always possible for you to be present however. In this and subsequent meetings and conversations the entire project from A to Z, your needs, materials, finishes that are available, paint, fabric, down to fine details on plumbing, electrical, mechanical etc. will be discussed.

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Frame off Restoration / Modernization

Complete frame off restoration / modernization services are available. On many projects, as required, we will remove the trailer shell and recondition the frame. The benefits are many, including a healthier living environment and a great improvement in the trailer smell! This occurs by removal of mold, old insulation, rotten plywood subflooring, and rodent droppings. There are many other benefits of removing the shell from the frame. Often times on older trailers we find frame damage, cracked and broken welds, excessive rust, and rust damaged cross members and outriggers that we would not have otherwise detected. Other benefits include the fact that it is much easier to retrofit gray water tank(s) and install new black water tanks into vintage trailers with the shell and subflooring removed.

Airstream Cabinets, Countertops and Flooring:

Cabinets, Countertops and Flooring: We are able to provide solutions for any trailer interior that you desire to renovate, modernize, upgrade or restore. We install many different types of flooring, including Marmoleum, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Cork and Laminate. We build our own countertops using Wilsonart and Formica products. GT Services offers custom retro laminates, retro metal countertop edges, solid wood countertop edges and solid surface counter tops.