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Restore. Repair. Modernize. Maintenance. Service.

“Being a member of the Montana Airstream Club, Glenn was able to fix a botched remodel by another company. His attention to detail is top notch. I’ll definitely have him do any future work” ,
Mike Giao

President , Montana Airstream Club

Popular Services

From complete vintage trailer restorations to minor fixes, we’ve got you covered.

Restoration Services

We can restore your vintage airstream or other brand vintage trailer to it’s previous glory!

Modernization & Upgrades

Upgrade your vintage trailer with a solar power system, custom cabinets,  upholstery, countertops or seating, or a complete new modern design.

Custom Specialty Trailers

Commercial food trucks, hair salons, bar and lounge trailers or just extremely high quality custom builds, we can bring your vision to reality.

Plumbing & Electrical

We can fix all electrical and plumbing systems. Get your trailer back up to safety codes! 

Repairs & Maintenance 

We fix everything: small interior repairs to the dreaded rear end separation & collision repairs!

We do it all!

Our team of skilled professional craftsmen have backgrounds with the Boeing Aircraft Company, as military aviation technicians, and as woodworking professionals that bring our metal fabrication, collision repair, and cabinetmaking / woodworking departments to the highest level!  Our upholstery department is second to none and we have expertise in all phases of the restoration / modernization process.

Zamp Solar Systems

Custom High End Interiors

Upholstery Services

Custom Aluminum Fabrication & Polishing Services

Frame off Restoration / Modernization

Cabinets, Countertops, & Flooring

Shell Water Leak Detection, Testing and Repair

Towing / Safety Upgrades

CAD Design Available

Custom Commercial Specialty Trailers

Vintage Trailer Restoration

Window Services

Airstream Holding Tank Retrofits

Zip Dee Awnings

Canned Ham Total Restorations

Service Department

We do far more than just vintage trailer restoration, we also run a full service and maintenance department for vintage and non-vintage trailers. We try to keep some time and space available in our schedules so those of you Montanans that just need some repair work done can get in! We service and repair both vintage and new Airstream trailers, and all other brands.

Vintage Trailer Restoration

We have a highly qualified team of specialists who are able to tackle even the most difficult restoration jobs. We specialize in aluminum travel trailers such as Airstream and Avion but we are able to restore anything to its former glory. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to these beloved American symbols of freedom!

Vintage Trailer Modernization

For some people, good isn’t good enough, they don’t just want their vintage trailer restored to its former glory, they  want full modernization. Lucky for them, we have a fantastic modernization team. By building custom blueprints and integrating technology upgrades and creature comforts we can make your vintage trailer better than ever!

Full-Service Listings

Our Service / Repair Department: GT Services is more than just a trailer restoration shop. We try to keep some time and space available in our schedules so those of you Montanans that just need some repair work done can get in! We service and repair both vintage and new Airstream trailers, and all other brands. We offer a personalized service experience for our clients. At GT Services, you are not just a name and number. When you bring us your trailer for a service or repair issue, will be able to speak with owner Glenn or shop foreman Aaron, and know that your problem is in the hands of an expert. We believe in giving our clients the highest level of customer service!

We Are Airstream Axle Specialists: Most Airstream owners know that the best way to get new axles for your vintage or newer model trailer is to have a company like GT Services, who has specified, ordered, and installed Dexter Axles for their client trailers for years, specify, order and install the correct axle(s) for your trailer. Here’s where the difficulty in ordering axles for Airstreams, especially Vintage Airstreams is: vintage Airstream original axles were not made by Dexter. To properly cross old to new, detailed measurements of the original axle must be taken and transferred to the new Dexter axle specification sheet. Dexter axles are not normally supplied with shock absorber mounts either. Some inexperienced shops may tell you that shock absorbers are not necessary on your Airstream. We know better; the shocks provide great benefits to the trailer chassis and shell in the form of a smoother ride. We have the knowledge and experience to order your new axles with the correct shock mounts!  Specifying and ordering axles is a routine job for us, but to the average person it can be a disaster if the wrong axle is specified.

GT Services specifies, orders and install Dexter Axles because Dexter is the company that now supplies all new Airstream axles. Each axle is custom made for the client based on the specifications that we give to Dexter.

Frame off Restoration / Modernization: Complete frame off restoration / modernization services are available. On many projects as required, we will remove the trailer shell and recondition the frame. The benefits are many, including a healthier living environment and a great improvement in the trailer smell! This occurs by removal of mold, old insulation, rotten plywood sub flooring and rodent droppings. There are many other benefits to removing the shell from the frame. Often times on older trailers we find frame damage, cracked and broken welds, excessive rust, and rust damaged cross members and outriggers that we would not have otherwise detected. Other benefits include the fact that it is much easier to retrofit gray water tank(s) and install new black water tanks into vintage trailers with the shell and sub flooring removed.

Airstream Holding Tank Retrofits: We do the tough stuff! Airstream and other vintage trailers manufactured prior to 1974 did not have gray water tanks installed. We have the skills and knowledge to properly retrofit your vintage Airstream or for that matter ANY brand of trailer with new gray water or black water tanks.

Collision Repair Center: GT Services is Montana’s go to Airstream collision repair center. Our clients trust us to bring their new or vintage trailer back to like new condition. Our technicians are experts at replacing those dented or damaged aluminum body panels, using factory approved repair techniques and materials.

Cabinets, Countertops and Flooring: We are able to provide solutions for any trailer interior that you desire to renovate, modernize, upgrade or restore. We install many different types of flooring, including Marmoleum, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Cork and Laminate. We build our own countertops using Wilsonart and Formica products. GT Services offers custom retro laminates, retro metal countertop edges, solid wood countertop edges and solid surface counter tops.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication: GT Services offers custom aluminum fabrication, whether it is a patch on aluminum skin or a custom welded superstructure to support an espresso machine in your trailer!

Window Services: We offer complete window services for your vintage or newer trailer including glass replacement, repair and / or replacement of most window components including gasket, seals, screens, closers, service for jalousie windows, service and repair of the infamous Airstream Vista View windows. Rock guard replacement and occasionally rock guard fabrication services are available.

Shell Water Leak Detection, Testing and Repair: We have many years of identifying and repairing water leaks in aluminum trailers. We offer vintage airstream and other aluminum trailer owners a comprehensive trailer shell inspection that pinpoints bad or leaking rivets, seams, flanges or other problem areas that need to be addressed on your trailer. GT Services has an in depth knowledge of factory approved sealants, caulks and repair techniques.

Airstream Rear End Separation: We are experts in repair of the dreaded Airstream rear end separation that is so common in vintage trailers with rear bathrooms. When done professionally this repair can add another 50 years of life to your trailer!

Custom High End Interiors: Do you envision your vintage or newer trailer with a solid wood interior? Or a custom metal interior?  GT Services offers custom high end interiors built to your specifications. Bring us your vision and we can make it happen!

Upholstery Services: Custom upholstery for your vintage trailer, made to order! We offer the very best in custom upholstery services. Terri is an expert at building upholstery cushions to match the curves of your Airstream. She is also well known for her quilting skills. If you have an idea, we may be able to turn it into a custom made quilt to fit your trailer.

Custom Specialty Trailers: We have successfully completed specialty trailers such as our 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud food trailer project. We can build you a mobile office space, food truck, advertising trailer or other specialty trailer to your specifications.

Towing / Safety Upgrades: We can have new hitches installed to replace that worn, 40, 50 year old or older hitch. You will be delighted with the towing performance increase that may be had by installation of a new load equalizing hitch and modern sway control. Towing safety is especially critical for our Montana clients who know that we live in one of the windiest states in the Union. The ability to tow safely and confidently in crosswind conditions is so important when you need it!

In addition, we can provide a host of other safety upgrades like new steps, replacement of outdated appliances including hot water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.

Electrical / Plumbing Repairs, Upgrades and Modernization: Old trailer electrical and plumbing systems often are often hazardous and do not meet codes, and are not equipped with modern safety features. We can inspect your vintage trailer and recommend safety upgrades, repairs and replacement of components, or design and install a completely new, modern and efficient plumbing or electrical system for your trailer. We can add a modern HDTV antenna or solar power system to your trailer!

Polishing Services: We offer polishing services for select client’s aluminum trailers. Call or email us to discuss your needs.

Zamp Solar Systems: GT Services in an authorized dealer and installation center for Zamp Solar Systems. Most owners of new Airstream trailers know that the newer trailers come pre wired for Zamp Solar connections right from the factory. If you have a vintage trailer, we can specify a system that is right for your needs and budget. Zamp is by far the best choice for your Airstream!

Zip Dee Awnings: GT Services is an authorized Awnings by Zip Dee dealer and service center. We can specify, order and install a new quality Zip Dee custom awning to fit your trailer. We can repair or replace that damaged awning that you may have.

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