Customer Enquiry

Customer Enquiry

Realize Your Vintage Trailer Dream!

Are you planning to use our services to restore your dream trailer? If you are, and you have not yet found the perfect trailer, GT Services Vintage Trailer Works can help not only with aluminum trailers such as Airstream and Avion, but “Canned Ham” varieties also!

We offer assistance to our clients in locating, inspecting, and arranging shipping of that perfect trailer to our facility in Townsend, Montana, with an agreement that GT Services will provide restoration and/or modernization services for that client and trailer.

We can work through the entire process with you, whether we have your dream trailer that you can buy directly from us, or if you would like us to guide you in finding the perfect trailer for you and restoring it so it’s in perfect condition when you receive it!

Please answer the following questions so we can begin finding your dream trailer!

Will your dream trailer be used for camping?*

Will this be a specialty trailer (food truck, advertising vehicle, etc.)?*


Inside of a completed Commercial Airstream which has been completely restored and modernized
Vintage Airstream Restoration.  Aluminum Shell Repair
Our Airstream Restoration Shop. This is where we service Airstream Restoration Projects for Clients
Flying Cloud Vintage Trailer Restoration. Restored and Modernized with a Technology package.
Vintage Trailer Restoration in Montana. We completely upgraded the inside with a custom aluminum platting
Airstream Restoration Shop located in Montana. We restore vintage trailers from the US and Canada here.